Artist Spotlight: Synthia Saint James

Visual artist, licensor,  designer, keynote speaker, author, songwriter, SAG/AFTRA actor, playwright, Synthia Saint James weaves together the joyful essence of life with powerful messages.

Juenteenth by Synthia Saint James

Her unique art has been utilized in numerous promotional campaigns for such companies Coca Cola USA, Essence Communications, Barnes and Noble, and AARP (a painting design for Los Angeles’ Metro Rail Trains). United States Ambassadors have requested that the art of Synthia Saint James be included in the interior design of their embassies and residences through the Art in Embassies Program since the 1990s, including embassies in Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, South Sudan and Singapore.

Her wonderful painting, “Women Lifting Their Voices,” is a vibrant and powerful inspirational piece that adorns a variety of VIDA’s products. Read on as we talk to the artist about the message behind the piece and what inspired her to create this incredible art piece.

Women Lifting Their Voice by Synthia Saint James

What inspired you to create the painting “Women Lifting Their Voices”?

In 2014, I was commissioned by Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis to create a painting for her inauguration as the first female president of Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens, FL. Her inaugural theme and one of her missions as president was to celebrate women and to inspire the female student population to “lift their voices” in all aspects of life and to “go for it” – accomplish all their life goals. With this incredible inspiration I created a painting that was inclusive of all women – multi-cultural and multi-generational, from business women to clergy – and I adopted her theme for the title of the painting.

The Los Angeles Metro Train, The Expo Line that ran between Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica Beach from August-December 2016 – designed wrapped with a painting by Synthia commissioned by AARP (“Our Community”).

Why do you think it resonates with so many people?

The vast array of bright and brilliant colors, the powerful and positive body language of the women – with heads lifted high with pride and self-confidence – and the suggestion that they are all united in a truly universal sisterhood.

A Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas of “Women Lifting Their Voices” now graces the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana – at the request of Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan Sanders through the Art-in-Embassies Program.

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