VIDA x Frank Lloyd Wright’s USONIA

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. His use of innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials, heralded a new way of thinking in architecture. Today we are proud to announce our latest collaboration featuring his iconic designs.

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Our partnership with the foundation combines technology and design to offer a zero-waste experience for consumers to customize and order accessories and home goods, making the opportunity to align the connection between Wright’s work and a broader audience now just a click away.

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“Frank Lloyd Wright’s belief that well-designed objects should be more accessible and affordable to the masses is something that is extremely close to VIDA’s mission of making design and fashion more inclusive. Besides being a perfect fit with our vision and our mission, we are beyond thrilled and honored to get the opportunity to translate some of Wright’s visionary designs into unique and beautiful accessories and lifestyle products that people can bring into their homes and lives.” says VIDA CEO, Umaimah Mendhro.

Taliesin West, Wright’s beloved winter home and the bustling
headquarters of the Taliesin Fellowship

The VIDA Collection is the first of many collaborations to be announced under the Foundation’s new USONIA program. Frank Lloyd Wright adopted the term Usonian for the houses that he designed as affordable, practical houses for America’s growing middle class. Usonian homes responded not only to the lives of the inhabitants, but also the surrounding natural environment. As a result of this thoughtful design, the lives of those who lived in Usonian homes were enriched with beauty. The Frank Lloyd Wright USONIA program for licensed products will bring together the spirit of Usonia within a wide range of product collections that combine modern beauty with affordability.

“We’re incredibly excited to share lesser-known works from Frank Lloyd Wright’s design portfolio with a global audience and make them available through a sustainably-produced, high quality print-on-demand program,” said Stephanie Pierotti, Vice President of Licensing for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. “This is the first time the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has developed an evergreen apparel program outside traditional casual ‘souvenir’ apparel, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. From apparel to smartphone cases to candles, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired items are now available for anyone who enjoys amazing design to add their closet or their home and to find new ways to enjoy Wright’s work.”

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is looking to offer modern art-focused products that showcase Wright’s ideas worldwide. “Frank Lloyd Wright infused democratic ideals into all of his work. He believed that all people, regardless of their background or income, deserve the opportunity to live with beauty around them,” said Stuart Graff, President & CEO of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. “This new partnership with VIDA is one more way we are able to take Wright’s design principles and make them more accessible and attainable around the world.”

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