The Naming Behind VIDA FDA Registered Masks w/ KN95 Protection

We understand there has been confusion about the naming of our FDA Registered Kids Masks with KN95 Protection.* When we first started selling these masks in April 2021, we called them FDA Registered KN95 and noted that they were made in the United States. These masks are produced using the same materials and following the same process and testing standards as a KN95 but are manufactured in the United States, not China. These masks are manufactured in an FDA Registered facility (FDA Owner/Operator #3017171515) and tested by Nelson Lab (study Number 1342900-S01) and shown to provide +99% particle filtration.  The United States does not have its own standard for high filtration masks for consumer use therefore KN95 is broadly referenced as a standard of high protection masks. In an effort to reduce future confusion and to better emphasize the domestic production of these masks, we determined that “FDA Registered Kids Masks with KN95 Protection” was a more accurate labeling and adjusted the name accordingly on August 29, 2021. 

VIDA is committed to offering products that are certified, authentic and reliable. We rigorously screen all potential suppliers and only carry protective products on our website that exceed the highest testing standards and have been certified by a legitimate third party. We are parents ourselves and are unwilling to compromise on product quality in all cases, and even more so when it comes to our children.

To learn more about the efficiency and filtration of FDA Registered Kids Masks with KN95 protection, we encourage you to review the test results below:

For the full report, please click here.

*Including masks with the M95 label. For more information please read our blog post here.