VIDA included as one of the World Changing Ideas of 2021 by Fast Company

Dear all, 

I wanted to share with our VIDA community the exciting news that VIDA was just selected to be included as one of the World Changing Ideas of 2021 by Fast Company.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, while the world was shutting down, our small team of 25 worked day and night to design, source, and deliver life-saving masks into the hands of millions of people – at a time when large corporations could not do so. Thanks to your support, we together donated 540,000+ meals to families in need and raised $340,000+ for local COVID relief efforts. Serving this need and helping keep our communities safe has been the greatest honor. 

Today, our global community continues to combat the COVID crisis and there is still tremendous need for highly protective masks. We have shipments of masks en route to hospitals in India and hope to do more with you. If you know families, hospitals and/or organizations across the world seeking mask donations, please reach out to us at 

As we pause to reflect on the past year and all of the incredible work done in response to the pandemic, we’re reminded of how much each person, and each small team, can accomplish when we’re moved to our core by a worthwhile mission and have each other’s support. 

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s keep pushing forward together – to build a safe, equitable, and harmonious world where every world changing idea has the opportunity to be realized and celebrated. 

Umaimah Mendhro
Founder & CEO