Black Voices + The Power of Art

We stand in complete solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and will continue to use VIDA to amplify the many powerful and important voices of our Black artists and allies from across the nation and around the world.

We extend this invitation to all artists, designers, and global creatives, and ask that you tag @shopvida and share your voice with our community through the power of art.

“Our lives begin to end the day we are silent about the things that matter” – @ZITABARACUK // Shop Zita Holbourne’s collection here:
“Dance for Justice” – @SYLVIASINSPIREDART // Shop Sylvia Caotes’ collection here:
“We pray for justice and peace for all.” – @SJHALLART // Shop Sheila Hall’s VIDA collection here:
I’m a multiracial black woman…and felt discrimination from an early age, and the feeling of being on the outside, it informs my art. I live one block from Oakland California, home of the Black Panthers, and in an area that has a thriving black arts community. Each one of us can be beacons to others the way this area is helping me heal.” – @XANBLOODWALKER // Shop Xan Walker’s VIDA Collection here:
“My work is inspired by life experiences, social injustice and autobiographical narrative expressed through expressionist Portraiture and minimal geometric abstraction” – @CEDRICBAKER // Shop Cedric Baker’s VIDA collection here:
“It is important for young artists of color to see artists who look like them and who have lived in similar cultures. I teach art to young and old to help them express themselves, develop their creativity and build self esteem” – @SJHALLART // Shop Sheila J Halls’ VIDA collection here:
“I feel art is neutral like music; Free for everyone to enjoy and participate in. However, not all artists are afforded the same opportunities to showcase their ideas and talents, nor may they have funding to get the proper notoriety or advertisement to the audience.” – @GALLERIADECEIA // Shop Galleria De Ceia’s VIDA collection here: