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We are giving you an inside look into who our artists are and what inspires them to create. Meet contributing VIDA designers from around the world and explore their unique collections.

Elena Levkovskaya

Elena Levkovskaya is a Sydney-based fine art portraiture editorial photographer. Elena is the recipient of numerous awards including ‘Top 30 Photographer of the Year 2018″, Australia. Her photographs have been exhibited in Sydney and featured in magazines across the globe. Always unique & special, always meaningful and created with love.

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Margot Carrera

As a nature lover and fine art photographer, I capture the beauty and nurturing essence of nature. My goal is to wrap women in that nature with my scarves and to bring that beauty into the home with my home decor.

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Heather Anne

I started my painting following brain surgery in 1996, and have never looked back. Widely exhibited in New Zealand and overseas, including the USA & Italy. I like my paintings to tell a story; with themes portraying goal setting, good fortune, and the realization of dreams.

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Angela L. Walker

Angela L. Walker, a published artist and writer, incorporates a wide range of media and techniques to create new, original treasures abundant with color, texture, and expression. “My art is about living, loving truth enough to share it.. Contemplation being true to who I am at my core. Learning to lean toward understanding and acceptance. I create with emotional truth”

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Artwork by Jennifer Rogers

I am an acrylic artist specializing in coastal art, I paint on anything I can get my hands on even such things as washed ashore horseshoe crabs, skulls, palm boots, thrift store finds, furniture, mannequins and bird baths. I have even used bottle caps, can lids and drift wood to create art. I have created wonderful beautiful pieces of artwork on an endless list of found and purchased objects.

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Norma Nuyles Robinson

Norma has been painting as a hobby for many years. She is self-taught and uses various media including watercolor, pastel, oil, colored pencil and acrylic. She likes the fusion of art and fashion as it allows exposure and appreciation of artworks to a bigger audience. She loves to create designs that cross cultural borders and at the same time has a little touch of her Filipino heritage.

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Diane Rajotte-Skinner

Passionate photographer for many years, I currently am inspired to create mostly abstract designs from original photos taken in different parts of the world. Although many of my photos are already in private collections, I always dreamed of finding new ways to share them by having them printed on clothing, accessories etc. to make them more accessible to everyone.

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Art By Treble

Treble is a photographer/digital artist based out of Menasha, Wisconsin who awakened to creating art in her mid 40’s. While not defined by genre, her work has a unifying theme of vivid color or striking monochrome. Treble starts with a photograph of her surroundings and then re-imagines it using text, filters and special effects.

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Ernesto G. Kamatoy

Ernie is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from the University of the Philippines. He has worked and lived in New York, Indiana, Chicago and Los Angeles for major ad agencies and design firms. He now lives in Manila, Philippines doing what he loves to do, creating art. He combines design, art and photography to make his imagination come to life.

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Barbara Arnold

Barbara was born in The Netherlands and lived in Europe until she immigrated to Canada in 1981. She lives and works in Vancouver. Barbara is a full-time mixed media artist and exhibits her work in North America and Europe.

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Jeanine Handley

I have been an artist all of my life. I have worked as a creative graphic designer, art director, jewelry designer, photographer, illustrator. I have honed in on pattern design. After living in Chicago for most of my life, I moved to Florida early 2016. I love to create and work in many varied media. Hope you enjoy my latest creations in fashion and accessories.

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Adrian Chu Redmond Fine Art

What I enjoy most about painting is the challenge of taking simple everyday subjects, which are typically unnoticed, and giving them life and energy through the use of bold gestural strokes. I love that art is “expression without words” which continually inspires me to explore my own unique style.

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Paul L. Snelson, II

I am a global artist living in Dallas and working to support True Colors United. I was born in Monahans, Texas. I moved to Saudi Arabia at eleven years of age. At fifteen I went to Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, a boarding school for high school, majoring in Visual Arts and Creative Writing.

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Narca Moore-Craig

Narca celebrates and explores wild nature and our connections to place and to animal. She lives in a small outpost at the edge of the art galaxy, in the borderlands of Arizona and New Mexico. Narca seeks to see fully and freshly, and to create intimate portraits that show the essential dignity of each wild species.

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Kat Kleinman

Art allows me an avenue to express my hope for the world. I am a collage artist, focusing on floral compositions, because flowers symbolize my enthusiasm for using color to bring about large-scale positive changes, starting from within.

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