Supporting Our Artists

During this uncertain time, we want to do all we can to support, feature, and connect with as many artists as possible. Our goal is to be a resource for our designers for inspiration, assistance and tools to continue to do what they love.

With that in mind, we’ve made some immediate changes in order to support our artists.

  1. Increased all artist referral commissions from 10% to 20% (30% total commission)
  2. Created a Facebook page for our artists to connect and come together
  3. More than ever, we will feature artists and their stories on email & social media
  4. Keeping artist prices as low as possible in VIDA x Studio

Our hope is that this global situation will serve to bring us all together and allow us to openly rely on each other. We hope you stay safe and find comfort in our global, connected community.

Find more information about the new initiatives we’ve started below!

  • Increased Referral Commission: 
    • We’ve increased all artist referral commissions from 10% to 20% – a 30% total commission on sales of your own designs that you refer – to help our community through this difficult and uncertain time.
    • We will track your sales and award your 30% commission through your referral link. You must use your unique link when referring in order to receive commission for your customer’s purchases. You can always find your link in the left-hand navigation of VIDA x Studio below “Learn More about VIDA”.
    •  We’ve never offered a commission so high and we’re making it possible by putting the marketing power in your hands. Normally, the portion of sales VIDA receives from each purchase is reinvested into marketing campaigns. However, we’ll use our marketing budget to pay you a bigger commission when you refer your customers to shop your collection.
  • Artist Facebook Page:
    • We wanted to create a space for our artists to stay connected with VIDA and with each other. On the VIDA x Studio Facebook page, you will find stories from your fellow artists, tips on how to build your creative business, updates to the design studio, and important announcements from VIDA.
    • We are encouraging all our artists to get involved on social media by posting videos of works in progress in your home studio, messages of hope, moments of meditation or reflection, how-tos and online classes. Because we know that even if we may be apart, we can find comfort, inspiration, and solace in each other. #bettertogether #makeartmakechange
  • Online Open Studios: 
    • We’re launching an online open studios event through the end of the month to tell your stories, promote your collections, and showcase your artwork to our global community of art-lovers. 
    • If you are interested in being included in an upcoming email, share your story and the link to your collection page here.
  • Artist Discounts:
    • You can always count on VIDA to get your artwork transformed into quality products at competitive price points traditionally only available at mass-scale volume. Right now, we are offering the best discounts possible to making sampling and stocking up as affordable as we can.