Step Into the Studio: Meet Our Artists

We are giving you an inside look into who our artists are and what inspires them to create. Meet contributing VIDA designers from around the world and explore their unique collections.

Deidre Dixon

Deidre Dixon is an abstract artist who uses vibrant colors and mixed media to create one-of-a-kind pieces with passion and depth. Her protean style offers a variety of creations to suit every taste. Her hallmark is the poetry she writes that shares her mindset during creation. Deidre resides in the Miller Beach area of Gary, Indiana.

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Teresa Castellanos

Teresa is a Spanish-born artist and art educator, currently living in Sydney, Australia. She works in various art mediums including Painting, Ceramics and mixed media forms. Her inspiration comes from travel and the immediate environment.

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Misha Zadeh

Misha is a graphic designer and illustrator who began her career in the stationery world with her company, Turquoise Creative. These days, she creates surface patterns for textiles, housewares, and paper. She works in watercolor, pen and ink, cut paper, and digital illustration. Misha finds inspiration in real and imaginary botanicals and the quirky creativity of her two boys.

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Kathleen Stemler

Kathleen has been a Carson City resident since 1992. She had her main career in the Education and Aerospace Industry and is now concentrating on her creative art meanderings. Her art is whimsical Zentangle® Inspired and abstract designs and can be purchased on note cards, prints, mugs, totes, trivets, kitchen towel, pillows, canvas and more.

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Angeliki Jackson

A talented visual artist, Angeliki’s photography and mixed media pieces have been exhibited at the W Hotel in Times Square, Spacewomb, A.I.R. Gallery, and more.

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Bob Lynn

Bob Lynn is a Scottish painter now living in Ireland, from where much of his inspiration for his landscape paintings originates. His work inhabits a world somewhere between figuration and abstraction with strong color being of the utmost importance. He has exhibited his paintings in many galleries around Ireland as well as the U.K. and Europe.

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Kathryn Delany – ColorSplashes

Kathryn is a digital artist, and more recently a photographer. “I love being creative and stimulated by this new medium. I am now able to combine my love of technology (pixels) with paint,” she says. The results are rich, vibrant layered art, created using the newest art form of digital painting and traditional art.

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Jessica Hughes Fine Art

Jessica has covered a wide and diverse range of media and styles in her first 27 years as a professional artist and designer. The eclecticism of her work shares one common theme—the ennobling of the human spirit. She is a challenge seeker and constantly pushes the envelope and range of a medium, from digital to paint, mixed media and textiles. Vibrant, high chroma color palettes define most of her work.

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Leslie Weissman

Leslie Weissman has been a working artist in the NYC area for 25 years and has been making art her whole life. Her practice is heavily abstract and aims to explore suburban environments and their inhabitants. She is the co-founder or The Northern Westchester Artists Guild and a member of many local arts associations.

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Sherry Dellaria-McGrath

Award-winning artist Sherry Dellaria-McGrath from N.J. depicts creations in an array of mediums, subject matter and style, inspired by nature. Sherry’s original drawings and paintings have been on exhibit in many galleries and art centers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Donna Barker

Donna’s vibrant designs are influenced by her love of travel and love of studying the art, history and languages of other cultures. She is a graphic designer who also enjoys working with mixed media and fused glass and believes that creativity inspires the soul.

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Growing up on the outskirts of Washington, D.C, Revelation had access to the grandeur of the Masters. Some of her most enjoyable moments were spent in Art Galleries and this helped shape her as an artist. Her inner artist burst forth as an oil painter, a dancer, a mime, an actress, a ceramicist, and now as a photographer.

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Vidka91 is a self-taught artist and freelance graphic designer. Vidka enjoys making unique, cool, and uncommon artworks that smack you right in the heart.

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Melissa E. Taylor

A professional Artist and Art Instructor in the Bay Area, Melissa has been painting for over 20 years. Her journey in art started at a very young age after being inspired by Arts & Crafts classes all throughout grade school and then expanding her knowledge and skill level by majoring in Art in college. Her passion is painting Expressive Abstract Art because it allows her the freedom to express herself.

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Marcie Clayman

As a former dance teacher, Marcia see movement and form in everything—from the choreography of a feather floating to the dance of a shadow on the wall.

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