From Best-Sellers to Artists on the Rise: Meet Our Designers

Our diverse community boasts accomplished and undiscovered (until now!) artists from around the world. Get a snapshot of who these designers are and what inspires them to create.

Marten Berkman

After spending a decade exploring deserts and mountain ranges around the world, Marten settled in Canada’s Yukon where he has been creating visual art, photography and film for the past 25 years. His work explores the relationship between human nature and the rest of nature, and the evolving dynamic between them.

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Heather Peterman

Heather paints to promote good energy and joy through color and swirls. Her art has a fun abstract style that reflects conscious and subconscious
energies of people enjoying life. Positive energy is an ever-present theme. When she creates paintings to be printed on fabric to adorn clothes and accessories, her aim is to make holistic art that brings balance, sanity, and positive energy to the world.

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Belina Wright

Belina Wright, a self-taught, Haitian-American artist believes her ability to paint is a God given gift. Her vibrant art is strongly influenced by her Haitian heritage. She paints people in their element, from extreme to mundane. Her work usually depicts tall, stylized women holding baskets with grace and beauty.

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Brian Timmer

Brian thinks of art as medium for examining and expressing thoughts about inner and outer realities. For instance, in the inner realm, his abstract work explores that which cannot be seen. He regularly explore themes of human purpose and meaning, often commenting on daily priorities, fears and motivations that shape our lives. In his outer, representational work, he strives to capture and celebrate the grandeur and detail of the natural world. 

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Alan Stecker

Alan is an abstract painter. His mission is to create a mirror that reflects our human drama and experiences. His goal is to transform life experiences and perceptions into images that speak to who we are and how we create personal and cultural ties within society. His 45-years in television news and documentary production contributed life experiences that continue to shape his aesthetics.

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Lisa Lillibridge

Lisa’s work is about mapping interior geography, hitting the emotional highway and searching for home within ourselves.

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O’Hare Williams

Patti O’Hare Williams is an artist known for her jazzy, often whimsical still lifes and landscapes executed with calligraphic lines. Her watercolors and oils are nostalgic, unexpected, and offer a new view of a classic scene.

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Rebecca E. Volkmann

Rebecca’s work is based in experimentation and is by nature intuitive. Art and life for her in recent years, have been about the art of quiet contemplation and inspiration. Her sense of pattern and texture comes from earthly things like a wasp’s outer shell, or the ordered chaos of a planted field, but also from the ethereal and atmospheric elements of life.

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Carol Lukitsch

Carol’s paintings are inspired by the natural world and by the many cities she has visited and lived in. She has exhibited in 15 different countries and her work is in private, public and museum collections. Cultural exchange has been a major focus throughout her career. These wearable art designs are positive and uplifting and created to bring joy.

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Gerri Tyler

After a career in technology and counseling, Gerri tapped into her creative brain and started painting in oils. “Now, thanks to VIDA, I’m able to expand into textile expressions of some of my art. If you’ve been thinking about art, take a class and go for it!”

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Penny Kritt

As an award-winning decorative artist, anything serves as a potential canvas. From realism to abstraction and back, anything can be a subject or part of a construct. As an art teacher in Montgomery County, Penny has taught everything from traditional painting to faux finishing.

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Mirja Clement

Mirja Clement is a Finnish born American artist. She has BA in Studio Art from UMUC. Mirja is interested in Fashion design and different cultures depicting them in her vivid art works. She has had various solo shows and exhibited her art in group exhibits in six different countries including At Foyer Hall, Rayburn House Office Building, Capital Hill, Washington D.C., and Opera House, Cairo, Egypt.

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Pauline Crowther Scott

The designs in Pauline’s collection are taken from paintings she’s been working on recently using a combination of organic shapes and abstract tendril-like patterns. The random linear shapes resemble hieroglyphs or microscopic neurons, while other designs include leaf motifs based on trees and plants in her garden.

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Leighdon Studio Gallery

“I strive to capture the world around me through colour and through texture. I work mostly with palette knives in my colorful “City Series”. For these works I try to capture the brilliant jewel-like colors of the city life and the excitement that surrounds us. In my softer-toned “Beach Series” I try to capture a gentle, misty, and peaceful feeling of the tidal areas of our west coast beaches. For these paintings I use the texture and movement of the paints themselves.”

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Sue Ennis

Sue Ennis is an abstract painter, inspired by colour, texture, and energy. Her works in oil and in acrylic are united by a love of energetic colours. She works in an intuitive manner. Sometimes the works are bolder in colour, while other pieces are more meditative.

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