Artist Spotlight // K.M. Walton

K.M. Walton defines herself as an abstract painter, author, public speaker and a proud accessories designer for her company called The Abstract Line. A fervent self-taught abstract painter with an emphasis on layers, textures, and colors. She has always been drawn to abstract art, the way colors and layers and strokes interact on the canvas creating something that didn’t exist until the artist put it there.

Tell us about about yourself and how you became an artist?

After leaving education, I landed a literary agent and spent ten wildly exciting years as an author, writing contemporary novels for teen readers (Cracked, Empty, Ultimatum, and Behind the Song), but I had always wanted to add painting to my creative repertoire. Unfortunately, fear and doubt got in my way for decades until my oldest son—a talented artist—asked me, “Mom, what are you so afraid of?” To which I replied, “That my art won’t be good.” He laughed and said, “So what if it’s not good. Just paint. Do it for you.” I took his advice and haven’t looked back. 

What themes do you pursue and which works do you most enjoy doing?

I have always been drawn to abstract art, the way colors and layers and strokes interact on the canvas creating something that didn’t exist until I put it there. It is almost intoxicating. Maybe it is the chaos. Maybe it is the way each person who looks at a piece of abstract art sees what they want to see. All I know is, there is no other art I would even attempt to paint. Abstract speaks to me.

How do you work? Tell us about your process

My signature style is the use of layers and color. Each layer has its own personality and purpose, which makes my artwork practically jump from the canvas. I typically have five or six canvases going at a time. Lately, I have been choosing a color palette first, anywhere from four to six colors, and then just going for it on all the canvases, hopping from canvas to canvas adding different layers. Sometimes I finish pieces from the group in a single session other times pieces take days and days until I deem them done. 

I am an acrylic paint lover but I have recently gotten into acrylic inks and acrylic markers. Details are my new thing and the inks and markers help me to add incredible details to my pieces, which translate beautifully into my bags and clutches.

“Abstract speaks to me”

What drew you to VIDA and how do you use VIDA x Studio as a tool? 

I loved the foundation of VIDA which was to ultimately help make the world a better place by providing opportunities for people in countries who needed help. What a powerful building block for a company to have. 

I am constantly in my VIDA Studio creating new products. I love to see how different pieces of my art look on various bags. It’s quite thrilling.

What project/s are you working on now?

I just launched my new Spring Collection for The Abstract Line, which features tons of VIDA products. The pieces are fresh and colorful and I love every VIDA product I created.

What role does the artist have in society and how art can be empowering?

Art feeds humanity’s need to connect. Art brings people and cultures together. Art saves lives. Art changes lives. Art is a voice for the silenced. Art is subtle. Art is in your face. Art can’t be stopped.

For me, personally, art has transformed how I see myself, as a creator. When I paint it is just me, me, me and me. I make the choices. I take the risks. And that empowerment transformed me. It decimated my fear and doubt. To smithereens. 

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