Celebrating Artists from around the World

Our artists come from different backgrounds and faraway locations but creativity ties them together. Meet a selection of artists below, all of whom qualified for a special blog feature!

Art by Evelin Marsh

“Art is a story without words, my art is a way to share my story with the world.” Evelin Marsh of Evelin Marsh Studio is a self-taught artist, certified residential designer & women’s empowerment activist. With no formal training, she discovered a natural gift in painting abstracts & geode resin masterpieces. It’s been said “she speaks with her soul on the whiteboard of a canvas.”

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Nancy Exarhu

Nancy Exarhu is a painter, printmaker, photographer, writer, traveler, ceramic artist extraordinaire.

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Ann Tygett Jones

Ann Tygett Jones is a contemporary painter residing in St. Louis, Missouri. Her focus is primarily abstract painting. Her work can be found in galleries and private collections. She attended both Southeast Missouri State University and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale focusing on an art degree. Short stays in New Zealand and California shaped her past however St. Louis her home.

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Diane Ramsey

Diane is an artist specializing in colored pencil. After thirty years of running a business, she decided to take a few classes at our local art institute. She started with graphite drawings of botanicals and realized how much she loved the detail involved. Diane switched from graphite to colored pencil and found it to be a perfect fit.

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Melanie Shovelski

Melanie is a Fiberartist and Tutor from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her subject matter is nature, whether it is a traditional landscape or a bird, flowers and feathers. She uses very basic materials and her hands, no shortcuts, to capture movement and life. Woolpainting is the art of creating with wool roving, soap, water and hands.

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Tia Latrell

Tia Latrell is the Owner, Floral Artist and Designer of the Latrell Flowers Brand. The Floral Designs of Latrell Flowers have graced many forums and stages. Latrell Flowers mission is to inspire and capture attention to the various forms of art through floral artistry that can inspire all.

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Mari Gyorgyey

European-American surface artist Mari Gyorgyey works in a variety of media- painting, drawing, printmaking and textiles.  She has been painting on silk for over 30 years.  “My life is a CURLY-Q of designs.”

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Charles Wallis

Charles Wallis is a graduate of the Baylor University fine art program as well as outside courses during high school.  After college, he opened a graphic design studio beginning his career as a professional artist and taught graphic design courses at Baylor University in the evenings while in business. His paintings reflect mastery of his craft and versatility in a variety of styles and media.

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Stephanie Lane

Stephanie Lane, photographer, artist, and Newark resident, will tell you that though art is all around us, her favorite direction to find it is straight up. Using the sky’s panorama as her canvas, Lane’s works are based upon what she sees in the clouds and other astronomical objects.

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Heather Jones

Heather is a working artist and fine arts professor in Upstate New York. Her paintings and photographs focus on natural patterns and environmental narratives. The clothing designs highlight her original artwork with bold colors and patterns inspired by nature.

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Corinne Greenberg

Corinne is a visual artist and writer but feels most at home in the natural world. She hopes to provoke in the viewer visceral appreciation for the precarious beauty of wild animals and threatened places. Her art is a slice of time angling towards silence and contemplation.

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Carol Kabak

An author and designer for major publishing houses, Carrie is also a production artist at Hallmark Cards. Originally from the UK, she now lives in Missouri. Specializing in the publishing industry, she was commended as an illustrator by Writer’s Digest, named Artist of the Month by the Society of Children’s Writers and Artists, and was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer (Da Vinci Eye) Award for superior cover design.

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William Dey

The world, as seen through the lens of William Dey, is a reflection of incisive visual observation. Dey has a gift for composition, an innate awareness of which visual elements must remain in order to complete the image – and the discipline to remove all that is extraneous. This is evident throughout his work, be it the thunderous silence of the barren desert in winter, his stark juxtapositions of.

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Maria Fernandez

Painter, Creative designer, Freehand Calligrapher and Illustrator, from San Juan, Puerto Rico living in Texas. Maria works on different mediums, like; acrylic, pen & ink, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, and digital.

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Kevin Horvath

A Graduate of IUPUI Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana. Worked at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for 36 years as an artist and designer. Became Lettering Studio Manager and Manager of Font Development & Training, and was also Design Studio Manager. His work was featured in Print Magazine, Letter Arts Review, NY Type Directors Club, AIGA Annuals, and Modern Scribes & Lettering Artist.

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