Who’s Who: Our Artists and What Inspires Them

We are giving you an inside look into who our artists are and what inspires them to create. Meet contributing VIDA designers from around the world and explore their unique collections.

Rena Bierman

Although Rena paints all subjects, florals are the focus of my art. She loves the intensity of color, capturing luminosity as light invades the subject; casting shadows, reflective light and reflective color in the most interesting places. Her originals are represented by three Western Canada galleries, Art In Canada and Xanadue Gallery in Arizona, USA. 

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Paul Woodward

Paul is a watercolor artist. He enjoys experimenting with colors to produce truly beautiful works.

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Christine Cartwright

Christine is inspired by many things but the artistry of nature captivates me. Her designs feature the beauty of the ocean, desert, sky, and bright blossoms. She is also drawn to intricate shapes and patterns found in architecture, which lend themselves nicely to garments. And of course the soft features of animals, particularly cats, are a favorite source of inspiration.

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Madeleine Philbin

Madeleine is an artist working in oil, pastel and charcoal. Madeleine’s design’s suggest bright mosaics shot through with hints of recognizable form.

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Darlene Flood

Darlene flood started her watercolor career as a calligrapher. Upon learning and loving the written word in calligraphy the art progressed to adding watercolors to the words. “Watercolor art is my passion. I have traveled to find the best teachers. I hope you find my collection to your fashion liking”

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Missy Kaolin

Applied to fabric, their eye-catching compositions, textures, colorful glazes and surface finishes distinguish these designs as standouts in your wardrobe and home decor. Like the clay artworks, they appeal to a spectrum of tastes ranging from elegance to whimsy, super-realism to abstract, bold to subtle.

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Raven Robins

Raven Robins, former Audio engineer & author, caught a virus in 2013 that caused extensive permanent heart damage and multi-organ failure. Learning how to walk again & her heart is still only functioning at 25%. She is a photographer & also works from home designing clothing and fabrics. Not willing to give up on second chance she has received in life.

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Gina Hulse

Gina’s art is her diary. Award-winning artist and photographer, Gina believes that the main purpose of the arts is for healing, making life a more pleasant experience, and enriching people in their daily living. She creates work that will nourish, delight and fill the mind with a sense of wonder. “Holding a brush in my hand becomes an extension of something within, a pouring out of myself.”

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Virginia Lamont Naegeli

Virginia loves art but she loves to teach art more. As a retired Special Education teacher with a second degree in Art, she believes everyone can learn and has an inner artist just waiting to be discovered. Fill your life with color and you will feel full. Your inner artist awaits!

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Asta Caplan

Asta is a Finnish born visual artist based in Munich, Germany, since 2017. She graduated with Master of Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. Her works have been exhibited internationally in USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Sweden, China and Spain. She hopes her works, which are inspired by beauty in nature and light, will become life companions and source of joy to her audience.

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Zoya Feldman

All my life Zora has had a deep connection to art and design. She studied theatrical art, drawing, painting, visual design, and multimedia. Her passion is art and photography and she tries to put the two together while creating her pieces.

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Susan Goldhush

Susan has been an artist all her life, starting with oil painting when she was 10. She has used many media, including oils, watercolor, acrylics, gouache, paper mache, polymer clay, silk screening, hand dyeing/printing fabric. She loves nature, especially the beautiful perfection of flowers and trees. She is immersed in color every day, living her life in technicolor.

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Joyce Fournier

Joyce Fournier is an Internationally Collected Artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Having successful careers first in healthcare and then medical sales Fournier moved on to her third career over a decade ago with the opening of STUDIO VOGUE GALLERY in Toronto which she operated for eight years.

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Julie Wishmeyer

Julie lives an interesting life dedicated to artistic culture. She is empowered by her independence and freedom as a woman. She loves to travel and learning about peoples lives with empathy for the diversity in human experience.

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Andrew Nixon

As an artist and educator, Andrew Nixon is inspired by nature and the history of painting. His work explores stillness, light, form, and space. Nixon has exhibited his paintings and prints throughout the United States and in Europe.

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