The Creatives behind the Designs

Our artists take their artwork from their canvas to your closet. Meet the designers who bring their art to life.

Tanya Abel

Tanya Abel is originally from a small town in England and currently lives and paints in San Diego California. Working with mainly acrylic paints Tanya uses a conceptual approach, masterfully creating intense colorful moments to visually engage the audience. After moving to Arizona as a child, her paintings directly respond to the peacock farm and gardens of her youth using every day experiences to inspire.

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Preciosa Rondilla Angeles

Preciosa is a self taught artist. She has developed her natural artistic ability with her love of nature for her watercolor, acrylic and water ink paintings. Her passion for art gives her a full sense of being to embrace the beauty of life. She says, “VIDA gives me an opportunity to enhance my passion into fashion and I love it.”

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Amy Kalimat

Fanciful trees and overlapping, interlocking circles predominate, and the first thing viewers will notice when they see the artist’s work is the power of her color palette. It’s a long way from the soft, transparent look many associate with watercolor. A large reason is Kalimat’s not relying on a brush dipped in water to transfer pigment to paper.

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Shelley Holtzman

Former art director and graphic designer, native New Yorker Shelley Holtzman is now a painter working in oil, watercolor and digital art. She spends much of her time as co-president of her local art guild. Shelley draws on her design background, using a rich bold palette, to create vivid compositions.

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Andrea Clay Art

“I love for my art to be beautiful, colorful, and textural working with pattern and repetition to create unity,” says Andrea of her creative process. “I like for my work to create an illusion and for it to connect to the viewer. I try to bring out my own imagination and inner light in each piece. Exploration, change, and growth have all contributed to the techniques that I uses in my work today.”

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Fatema Josh

Fatema Josh is a visual artist, graphic designer and an educator. Her work is collected internationally. She uses art to empower learning. She is an impressionistic painter working in multiple mediums. Her work is versatile and incorporates elements of emotions, still life, nature and relationships. She loves using brushstrokes and a blend of expressive colors to create her masterpieces.

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Corina Hazlett

Corina is an art practitioner from New Zealand. Her works are inspired from her visit in 2015 to Vietnam working as an Art Therapist with woman rescued from Human Trafficking. She uses powerful women as role models in her artwork. Her art aims to empower women to rise up from adversity. Be courageous, Be beautiful.

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Barb Ford

Based on Lexington, Kentucky, Barb defines her artwork with the feelings and emotions that it generates: “People say my art makes them happy, what’s better than that?”

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Janice Brown

Originally from Scotland, Janice came to the Cayman Islands many years ago. After “Hurricane Ivan” destroyed her home in 2004, she began to paint local scenery and was inspired by the wonderful bright colors of the Cayman Islands.

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William Johnston

William deeply believes that the world of art provides a portal to viewing the very heart of mankind. He looks for ways to fill the mind with inspiration and allow his creative artwork to explore the uttermost parts of the universe. His passion for painting comes from an inner dedication to find that which encourages the heart to greater achievement.

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Trying to live each day as creative as possible: the way artists intended! Custom art for all. Specializing in handmade personalized items for you and yours. Featuring unique one of a kind finds or holiday/seasonal decorations…with a twist. Get it GUTCH’d!

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Lori Arbel

Lori Arbel is an artist, certified teacher, and creativity coach, guiding teens and adults in their journey of self-discovery.

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Amber Nelson

Painter, Graphic Designer and Interior Designer. Designing is Amber’s ultimate passion. With a background in art, graphics and interiors, she creates.

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Jenny E. Balisle

Jenny E. Balisle has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including the de Young Museum Artist-in-Residence, Museu Brasileiro Sao Paulo, Chicago Cultural Center, and Harvard University. Balisle currently works as an artist, curator, advocate, writer, and M.F.A. instructor.

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