An Inside Look at Artist Inspirations

We have artists from around the world contributing new designs to the VIDA collection every day. Meet a few designers below and discover what inspires them to create.

Leticia Garcia

Leticia’s long-held passion for painting led her to the University of California at Santa Barbara where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with an emphasis in Painting. She attempts to capture the world we live in on canvas.

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Deborah Miller

Deborah Miller has worked as an art director and graphic designer in publishing, advertising and design firms for over 20 years. Deborah’s concentration was in graphic design, but her passion has always been fine art. Deborah blends her love for design, color and photography, with her love of the natural environment to create unique fine art prints and paintings.

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Sharon Freeman

Painting was always a passion for Sharon. Her time now is divided between California and Gold Coast, Australia, where her art has also been exhibited. Working mainly in oils on canvas, metal, and polycarbonate, her art takes on many forms.

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KCD’s digital paintings evolved from her love of nature, photography, color & texture and playing around in Photoshop. Creating these bring her joy and lift her spirits. She catches herself smiling as she work. Her hope is that some of that joy rubs off on all who wear her creations too!

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Mary Anne Strong

Mary Anne Strong loves to take in nature’s beauty and transform the mood into new, visually exciting pieces. With a BFA in Fine Art, she is an illustrator, abstract painter and creator of many different visual objects.

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Susan Goldhush

Susan is all about color, texture and shape. Even as a child, the best present she could ever get was a box of Crayolas. She has a degree in Surface Design for Textiles from Fashion Institute in NYC. She works with polymer clay, paints, beads, inks, dyes, papier mache, silks, anything she can transform with color, textures, shapes.

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Tracey Lee Cassin

Tracey Lee Cassin is an award winning artist, photographer and creative director. Her studio is based in the Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. Tracey Lee’s art practice is Contemporary, using varied styles and mediums that incorporate abstract, natural or botanical elements.

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Michele Avanti

Design, painting & photography are Michele’s passion. The world is her inspiration. With 2 BFAs in fine art & photographic illustration, she has moved through worlds of design for businesses, individuals & groups. Here she presents her art in practical forms.

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Zita Barbara Sanders

Zita describers her collection as “Bohemian and spiritual themed art. Colors, concepts, and designs that give off good vibes.”

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Anouschka Pearlman

Inspired by a life in music. Anouschka is an international singer-songwriter. She uses influences from jazz, blues, rock, pop, urban, RnB, and East African in her writing. She was the first westerner to fuse Kiswahili and English with western songwriting and Kenyan beats in 2013. She wrote the campaign song in South Africa for 60 countries to save the African Lion.

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Deborah Schlier

Deborah has been an artist all her life, even as a very young child when her grandmother taught her to sew. She eventually earned an MFA in Painting & Printmaking and later became a self-taught computer programmer working in technology. Now she’s focused on combining embroidery with digital art and textile design for her own exclusive Designer Clothing Collections.

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Alicia Hurst

Most of Alicia’s designs are hand drawn in her off-time. It’s just what she’s always done in her free time – make lines. VIDA gives her lines a new life. She explains, “it’s so much fun seeing them on different items.”

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Dianne Gardner

From the Pacific Northwest Dianne is both an artist and a writer of fantasy and magical realism. Many of her designs come from her book covers and illustrations as well as from her studio.

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Mijiza Makeba

Designer behind Mijiza Creations. She is a humanitarian who advocates for cultural survival, human rights, animal welfare and the environment.

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