Meet the Artists behind the Designs

We are giving you an inside look into who our artists are and what inspires them to create. Meet contributing VIDA designers from around the world and explore their unique collections.

Tony Rubino

Tony’s work seeks the extraordinary in the ordinary. In doing so, he comments on pop culture, celebrity, nostalgia and the current melees’ of information received through technology. As a syndicated, daily-newspaper cartoonist, his work expresses his joy and love of comic art.

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Lentsch Studio

Edward Lentsch’s expansive artistic practice explores his relationship between the self, nature and the universe. From the Fibonacci sequence to the teachings of Aristotle, Lentsch attempts to create a bridge between the natural world and these intellectual canons, exploring the interconnection between the realms of science and mysticism, the metaphysical and the spiritual.

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Malinda Prud’homme

Malinda Prud’homme is a Toronto based Mixed Media and Portrait Artist with a passion for portraying natural female beauty. Using her original artwork she proves that all women are beautiful regardless of age, weight, ethnicity, or personal style. She hopes to make women feel beautiful one painting at a time.

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Pritz Fine Art Designs

Sherry Pritz Enderle combines distinctive images with artistic enhancements to create her signature contemporary style. Working in both black and white, and color, she highlights certain aspects of an original photograph, with results resembling a painting. By selecting and skillfully layering a palette of colors, her subjects take on a surreal, sometimes abstract feel.

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Nazim Artist

Nazim Artist is a painter who hails from London. His paintings were recently featured in the award winning documentary film, Femme Women Healing the World. He is a graduate of Winchester and presently lives in Westlake Village, CA.

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Fer Caggiano

Fer Caggiano is creative and compassionate, as colorful and compelling as her paintings. Her talent captures and commemorates important moments on canvas. While creating beauty, she also fearlessly uses art to bring awareness to critical issues. Fer’s striking paintings will enrich your life and at the same time, you will gain satisfaction from knowing that you are improving our world.

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Julia Minasian

New ideas and inspiration for creative projects are a constant in California artist Julia Minasian’s life. She has been painting since as far back as she remembers and successful in the commercial art world for the last 20 years. Known for her fresh sense of color and innovative techniques, Julia’s style mimics the flow of nature’s own spontaneous dance. Her work is fresh, lively and joyful.

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Zita-Barbara Butterflies

Zita-Barbara is an UTSA art program graduate who paints butterflies as a representation of positive change. Her work has been featured on T.V., radio interviews, and in surrounding art galleries.

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Linda Wilson

Linda is an artist and photographer living on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. Having traveled to many exotic places, she now tries to capture the beautiful colors and shapes of nature. She lives on the water and is grateful to experience forever changing vast skies.

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Diane Garber

Diane frequently has the experience of being connected with something larger than her while she is in the process of working on art. It is a dual-phenomenon of both being inspired and making something inspiring. She hopes that her art takes you to the places it takes her.

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Toni Elkins

Toni is a professional artist that has won over 160 national awards. Her original art is in collections all over the USA. She won The Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Award for contributions to SC art in 1999.

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Toni Price Design

Since childhood, Toni has been accessorizing and decorating. Pillows and scarves are essential in her creative expression. It has been her good fortune to travel to faraway places. As a designer, Toni is excited to share her oil paintings and photography on quality items. In her collection are mix and match of patterns that work together beautifully.

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Dodi Tabbaa

Dodi is an artist and a designer from Amman Jordan. Her inspiration is drawn from all her worldwide travels and explorations. She seeks patterns, hidden gems, urban landscapes and nature, and document them through photography and paint. As a result, she creates a variety of vibrant colours and textures reflecting her own nature: spontaneous and confident.

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Alchemy ArtWear by Amy Hal

Amy has spent most of her life working in the Film, Theater, and Video industries traveling and seeing the world. In the past few years, she has concentrated on her own art and photography and is using them to create products. She has been a lifelong supporter of the arts, environmental issues, education, and helping people see the potential in themselves. Always lingering in the back of her mind has been a fascination with the idea of Alchemy: the transformation of objects from one thing into another.

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Debbie Dannheisser Threads

Debbie is an acrylic and mixed media artist. Art is her expression and metaphor for life. She loves experimenting using new mediums and differing paints and chemicals to create new looks. She believes in the importance of having freedom in her life and her art.

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