48 Hours in Istanbul (Part 1)

When asked “what is VIDA?” you will often catch our team members saying “it’s a  global partnership of co-creators, from a designer in Paris to a producer in Istanbul and a consumer in San Francisco”.

As a company we truly believe that discovering art and fabrics while meeting local artisans and makers is one of the best ways to both celebrate the past—and discover the present—of a place. 

This belief in our rich, interconnected world is what makes all our products unique and beautiful. Every piece tells a story – from the inspiration behind its design to the personal story of the designer and the maker

When VIDA was still an idea, a dream, our Founder & CEO, Umaimah Mendhro, spent numerous months talking to factory workers and artists from around the world, asking them about their challenges, their lives and their dreams. Those conversations and ideas is what built the foundation of VIDA.

Today, four years later, we continue to directly connect with our makers and artists and learn from them as we collaborate and grow together. 

Most recently Umaimah spent 48 hours in Istanbul visiting our factories and connecting with our local VIDA artists. Scroll down to see the highlights of Part 1 of her trip to Istanbul.

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