Artist Spotlight // Stephany Glassing

Tell us about your art, your background and what inspires you? 

My artwork is my therapy for me.  I was paralyzed from a car accident 35 years ago and I started creating art about 20 years ago after getting to the point of needing therapy.  I’ve always loved creating things and thought I’d pick up some canvas, paint, and brushes instead of paying for traditional therapy. It has turned into my passion and my business now. Life in general inspires me.  I’m not an artist that typically has a preconceived image in my head when I’m in my studio.  I’m an artist that allows what I’m feeling at that moment come out of me and lead me. 

Kelp Square Glass Tray by Stephany Glassing

How does VIDA impact your work as an artist and designer?

VIDA has been a great resource for me in regard to take an original piece of my artwork and have it transposed onto different products that I can sell at local artist markets.  It’s a great feeling to have someone buy a piece of your work that will be put in their home, worn, or shared with people they care about.  

What made you want to explore art- inspired fashion?

I’ve created since a very young age but after being injured and living life through a wheelchair it enabled me an avenue to express myself and share a part of me in the world. 

Stephany with her VIDA glass trays

How do you think VIDA is different from other choices out there?

I like VIDA because of the quality of the products produced.  There are many sites where you can get your artwork transposed onto different products but in my mind I want to offer the best quality of products to have my artwork on.  If I’m going to take the time to make my artwork available to the public I want the products to last!

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