Open Studio Artists

The artists featured below qualified for our Open Studio Event that happened in July 2019. We are spotlighting these select artists to share their inspiring stories with our community.

Nadine Meyers Saitlin

In my paintings I invent intriguing forms and use vibrant color palettes to engage the viewer on a visual adventure. I love that I can transfer these same emotional qualities that appear in my paintings on to clothing and accessories. 

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Anne Pryor

I am Anne Pryor, Lovitude™ Creator, and Soul Painter Artist. Lovitude means Love and Gratitude. I was inspired to create these ‘visual blessings’ using my breath, magic ink, and essential oils in 2017, after receiving after death communication from my friend, who passed.

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Patricia Abramovich

Art for me is the freedom to create with no boundaries, to express the diversity of color from which the human soul is composed. Spreading color across a canvas is a means of meditation; I connect with my inner self. My hands just move with rhythm using the painter knife to mix the colors directly on the blank canvas. I choose the colors and let my soul conduct me, handling the knife as a brush.

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Sharon Digiulio

Based in Raleigh, NC, I share my passion of color, collecting and collage in my unique line of clothing and wearables. These designs are originally created on canvas or wood panels using either acrylic or encaustic paints.

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Jack Matthews

I am both an artist and an art educator. My degrees include BFA in Visual Arts, BA in Art Education, and MA in Educational Leadership. My works are primarily floral watercolors and collage images which utilize my former works. I have also begun working in architectural collages and 3-D clay forms.

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