Meet Our Open Studio Artists

Julie Cox-Hamm

Julie Cox-Hamm is a Master Silk Painter and a life long artist. Her interest in fashion, fabrics and graphic design has come together in her creations on silk. Julie paints with silk dyes and specializes in the Gutta Serti technique of silk painting. Her appreciation of the female form along with her love of nature inspires her to create original works with colorful energy.

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Narca Moore-Craig

Narca celebrates and explores wild nature and our connections to places and animals. She lives in a small outpost at the edge of the art galaxy, in the Borderlands of Arizona and New Mexico. Narca seeks to see fully and freshly, and to create intimate portraits that show the essential dignity of each wild species.

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Graciela Blancarte

Graciela Blancarte was born in 1972 in Durango, Mexico and moved to beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her family in 2008. Her love for art began as a child, growing up in a town rich with history, music, and artists. The colors and light that she uses in her pieces are perhaps reminiscent of her native Durango, where the sky is bluer than anywhere else in the world.

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Diane French

Diane French’s original designs are created with metals, minerals, and raw pigments on wood panels. She has translated some of these into beautiful, functional pieces for you to enjoy! You can find her original works at See beauty, be beauty!

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Cawanua Keeling

Cawanua Keeling began her interest in photography as a child. At 11 years old she remembers wanting to get the effects that were clearly in her mind to show up on the film in her little box Brownie camera. The play of light and shadow on a subject continues to fascinate her to this day. Currently she finds herself interested in the many things that can be done with a photographic image through digital manipulation.

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