Artist Spotlight // Cindy Kornet

Tell us about your art, your background and what inspires you?

Art has always been a way for me to express my feelings. I consider myself to be an abstract expressionist and a mixed media artist. My motivation comes from nature, impressionism, spirituality and my personal feelings. My intent is to create work that is uplifting, life affirming and hopeful to each viewer. All of my work is spirited and much of it is Judaic .  Wearers always tell me how good it feels to wear the VIDA pieces. They say they can feel my love wrapped around them.

For Gary and Michael by Cindy Kornet

How does VIDA impact your work as an artist, designer, and teacher?

In my teaching, I help each student to find the place where their unique artist lives. I think of myself as someone who gives them permission to access and express from their individual creative soul. The creative process almost always makes a person feel better and more peaceful. I show them my VIDA pieces and let them know they too can have opportunities like I do with VIDA.

Golden Abundant Love by Cindy Kornet

What made you want to explore art- inspired fashion?

I can cite many instances where my work has helped me express and heal grief.  “Abundant Love” was designed from a doodle I poured my grief into over losing two close cousins, Michael and Gary, who passed within 5 months of one another. My dad passed about 4 months ago. I am careful about how I use my energy truthfully, as grief can be quite tiring.

Before my mom passed I had a large art show at our town library dedicated to her. I created paintings of our life together, altered books, healing dolls and anything that helped soothe my soul. At the event, I shared stories of our love for one another and what I learned from her wisdom and experience. This scarf is made from a photo of a healing doll I created for her with the intention it could absorb her fears and pain. The scarf is named “Shaina Neshama”, which means pretty soul. I painted this work to express my mother”s soul flying to heaven on the wings of a golden dove. 

Shaina Neshama by Cindy Kornet

We lost a young man named Jack in a terrible car accident who was like a son to my husband and I. I created a painting for him that helped me express my sorrow. I held an art show in his honor for Jack’s loved ones to come together in his name to comfort one another. Two VIDA items were created for him – the Jack Hawk modal scarf and the Jack Hawk leather strapped bag.

I dedicated an art show to my dad last April. I stood in front of friends and family and told him how much I loved and admired him. We shared stories and reminisced and had a wonderful event. Three days later my dad went into the hospital and was gone within 2 weeks. It is a gift to love and lose with no regrets.

Jack Clutch by Cindy Kornet

How do you think VIDA is different from other choices out there?

I am very appreciative to VIDA for providing me with a platform to showcase my art.  Some of these have truly been my best selling items because of their significance.

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