Celebrating our Makers

This Labor Day join us as we celebrate our makers and commit to growing our education and empowerment programs worldwide.

Since our inception, VIDA’s mission has been to build a responsible, global platform that produces beautiful, original products – inspiring customers, empowering creatives, and uplifting makers – while fueling long-term social and economic growth for communities worldwide. 

When VIDA was still an idea, a dream, our Founder & CEO, Umaimah Mendhro spent numerous months on the factory floors, talking to workers, learning from them, visiting their homes, asking them not only about their work environment and their challenges, but also about their lives, their families, their dreams.

Those early days of VIDA, grounded in Umaimah’s humble upbringing in rural Pakistan, a country rich in craft and culture especially in the world of textile making and printing, has shaped the core values for our company – with Artistry, Humanity and Impact at the heart of everything we do.
We can proudly share today that 100% of our factories receive higher than fair living wages and we’ve launched our education and empowerment programs in all three international countries we operate in – India, Turkey, and Pakistan.

“[VIDA’s literacy] program has boosted my self esteem. As a girl I dreamed of reading and writing; it is wonderful, with VIDA’s help to be accomplishing this dream.”

“We have never attended this type of [Financial] training before, the sessions were very informative. Being a factory worker our salaries are limited but today we have learnt how we can plan and achieve our dreams within a limited amount of money”

“I can read the signs on the road for the first time. I feel liberated”

The change we help create through education and empowerment programs would not be possible without you.

Every VIDA purchase enables us to support our makers, whether that means Basic Literacy Programs for factory workers in Pakistan or Financial Literacy programs for our factory workers in India or Women’s Rights Workshops for hundreds of women factory workers in Turkey.

With your help, we will continue to grow our global impact programs, uplift our makers with the resources and support they need, and share their personal stories with you.