Open Studio Artists

We are spotlighting artists with unique styles and inspiring stories during our Summer Open Studios. Meet the artists, browse their collections and discover something special.

Misha Zadeh

Misha is a graphic designer and illustrator who began her career in the stationery world with her company, Turquoise Creative. These days, she creates surface patterns for textiles, housewares, and paper. She works with watercolor, pen and ink, cut paper, and digital illustration. Misha finds inspiration in real and imaginary botanicals and the quirky creativity of her two boys.

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Dianne Decker Bomar

Watercolors, nature, and creative expression fuel Diane’s daily life. Diane is a photographer by vocation and a creator by nature.

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Debra Korluka

Debra’s art is Byzantine iconography. Her work is in collections nationally and internationally and she was the first American invited for exhibition into Russia and Ukraine after the fall of communism. An album/book about her was created by a publishing house in Russia. Her style reveals the beauty of the glorious Byzantine tradition.

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Manss Aval

Manss Aval is a visual artist who is inspired by San Diego’s beautiful environment. His work centers on contour, structure, symmetry and tactility, and features a distinctly natural quality, full of soft, energetic shapes, earth tones, and subtle, vibrant colors.

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Marne Jaye

Marne’s artwork is oil on canvas. Her paintings are dynamic, done generally in bright colors. The border that appear as a frame is hand painted with oils and a small brush. Her art has been featured in the Academy Awards luxury gift bags and the MTV Movie Awards.

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