Open Studio Artists

The artists featured below qualified for our Open Studio Event that happened in May 2019. We are spotlighting these select artists to share their inspiring stories with our community.

Karel Sloane-Boekbinder

Karel Sloane-Boekbinder is a hard-working, outspoken, quirky, versatile artist who educates through avant-garde original creative works to purposefully IN-SIGHT.

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Kelly Perry

Kelly graduated with her BFA as an adult in 2005. Art became her voice after a life altering event. Kelly has been in solo and group exhibitions in B.C. Sask, USA and Britain. She is a multimedia artist, print maker, potter and sculpture. Kelly works with children at risk and adults with disabilities.

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Layne Murrish

Layne has been painting for over 30 years. She is inspired most when surrounded by color, and therefore paints in the impressionistic style. Her love for peace and nature spiral through her artwork, and have made it into the heart of her Community through Local Art Festivals, Galleries, & Gift Shops in Northern California…AND BEYOND through her illustrations in the “Bubbles The Dolphin” Books.

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Leslie Redhead

Leslie is an award winning watercolor artist and instructor, inspiring others to find their own artistic vision. She loves the spontaneity of watercolor and the fresh look it creates. Leslie is the author of Watercolor 365. She currently resides in Idaho. Her work can be seen at

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Maya Mincheva

Maya Mincheva was born in Bulgaria and moved to Seattle, United States in 2011. She is a teacher who fosters her love for art and photography with her designs.

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