Open Studio Artists

The artists featured below qualified for our Open Studio Event that happened in May 2019. We are spotlighting these select artists to share their inspiring stories with our community.

Janifer Calvez

Janifer Calvez is an artist in southern Alberta surrounded by natural beauty and wind. She loves to create images using color and whimsy, capturing light and character. She encourages you to notice the magical moments in your own experiences.

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Jimmy Clark Jr.

Jimmy Clark, Jr., a self-taught, emerging landscape and abstract artist originally from Louisiana, currently lives in Northern Virginia. He has been fascinated with art since early childhood. He expresses his art using acrylic paints. He is inspired by nature, water and abstraction. Jimmy uses the strokes of a paint brush to instill peace, tranquility and to inspire others. 

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Julia Minasian

New ideas and inspiration for creative projects are a constant in California artist Julia Minasian’s life. She has been painting since as far back as she remembers and successful in the commercial art world for the last 20 years. Known for her fresh sense of color and innovative techniques, Julia’s style mimics the flow of nature’s own spontaneous dance. Her work is fresh, lively and joyful!

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Kathleen Botsford

Kathleen Botsford is a mixed media artist and jewelry designer living outside the beautiful city of Chicago. She loves to travel and she describes herself as the eternal student, forever devouring books and media on whatever new passion has captured her imagination. Her inspiration for art organically arises from these varied interests such as Ancient cultures, the mystery schools, and the ever-present enchantment of our natural world.

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Nancy Jacobson

The world is full of fascinating images, and Nancy Jacobson strives to share her vision of the beauty that surrounds us. In addition to the subjects of her photos, the design of the complete final image is always on her mind. Nancy’s hope is that through her work you will see the artistry in the world.

View Nancy’s Open Studios Collection

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