Artist Spotlight // Cici Gainaru

Tell us about your art and your background?

I am from Bucharest, Romania in Eastern Europe, I graduated from the University of Medicine and was a doctor until I decided to follow my passion and graduated from art school 7 years ago. Since then I’ve been joyfully working as a professional artist.

I was born a ‘with a pencil in my hand’. All my memories are linked to art; drawing on paper of all sorts, on school notebooks, on the walls. My artwork is inspired by the Tiffany stained glass technique. I mainly create unique painted glass pieces and sometimes 3D glass artwork. 

Africa by Cici Gainaru

What inspires you?

My inspirations are various: life experiences, stories I read, myths, religion, ethnic patterns etc… All my creations contain a bit of my soul and emotions, every artwork has its own story. 

For example my Africa Modal Scarf created for VIDA is based on my painting called “African Sun”. This work was born out of my love for African art, beautiful patterns and bright colors. I hope that  everybody who sees this artwork feels the burn of the African sun melting and flowing on the sand and the heat of the nest where the world was born.

Greek Geometric Tote by Cici Gainaru

How does VIDA impact your work as an artist?

Fashion is an art and a very interesting one. I’ve been making clothes from my early years, first for my dolls then for my daughters and sometimes for me.

When I had the opportunity to be a VIDA designer I thought that the colors, the design, the themes of my art would look great on VIDA products (scarves, handbags, jewelry, décor etc). Working with VIDA was in the end a fashion lesson. I’ve learnt to be more careful with the details in order to illustrate ideas using only parts of my work and to present patterns on the product in the most favorable way. I love the variety of products  VIDA offers and feel delighted and happy to design for them.

Angel Wing by Cici Gainaru

What made you want to explore art-inspired fashion?

When I heard about VIDA I was very excited. Since I work with various materials I loved the challenge of finding the right way to apply my art to various product types. It was a different kind of  artistic process and a new and exciting extension for my creations. My artwork is rigid by nature (glass and metal do not inspire the grace of a scarf or the fluffiness of a pillow), but I discovered new ways of exploring my artwork, through color, light and different materials. It’s like a permanent exhibition all over the world.

Flower For You by Cici Gainaru

How do you think VIDA is different from other options out there?

Before becoming  a VIDA designer I wanted to learn more about VIDA’s story, to understand the business. I was impressed by the overall concept and global partners. VIDA designers can be found all over the world and I am happy to be part of such a global and talented community, bringing my own culture and colorful perspective to this forum. I’ve been particularly impressed by all the lovely people working for VIDA that are willing to help and guide me through this new experience. I am looking forward to growing my collection and my relationship with the company.

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