An Interview With Creativity Explored Artist Vincent Jackson

VIDA recently collaborated with Creativity Explored to support their mission to give artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work with the community, celebrating the power of art to change lives.

We spoke to one of the most prolific and longest practicing artists at Creativity Explored, Vincent Jackson (b. 1961, San Francisco)  known for his large-scale figurative oil pastels. His thick, defining lines break the human form into geometric shapes filled with a heavy impasto of layered colors arranged with Jackson’s masterful sense of harmony. The resulting mask-­like works can be viewed as a contemporary renewal of traditional African and Oceanic folk art imagery. “My faces are my way of telling a story rather than writing,” he remarks. 

Prior to partnering with VIDA, Jackson successfully collaborated with brands like CB2 and Recchiuti Confections. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally across galleries and private shows.

From sharing his influences and inspiration to sharing his creative process and love for unique styles, Vincent tells us all…

Forms on Purple Candle by Vincent Jackson

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m very creative.  When I’m not working in the studio five days a week, I like to go out, like the Embarcadero and look around.  I go to church every Sunday and have a community of people who know and support me there. I also like to watch TV and movies…whatever happens to be on at the time.

We love your work. What inspires you?

Shape and form and they way things look inspire me. My own imagination also inspires me. I get in the zone.

Can you share your creative process with us?

I like to sketch and all my paintings need to have bright colors and bold shapes.  Color inspires me. I like to take on new challenges and explore different techniques and formats.

What made you want to explore art-inspired fashion?

Pilar Olabarria, my Creativity Explored mentor inspired me to work with textiles. I created my own collage jacket that took over a month to make. I like to challenge myself to do something new, plus I love fashion.

VJ Green iPhone Cover by Vincent Jackson

Your thoughts on the VIDA x Creativity Explored collaboration?

I think this is a wonderful idea. My art has a lot of bright colors and abstract shapes that look great on VIDA textiles and products. I love that I can extend my art beyond the canvas. I would love to do more.

Can you share more about your journey and partnership with Creativity Explored?

I’ve been making art at Creativity Explored for 36 years.  I will stop when I get tired, but I’m not tired yet. It’s been a great experience sharing my art with the world. I hope it makes everyone as happy as it makes me.

Who are your biggest influences?

I am.  I sit down and do things.  I’m also inspired by my mentors at Creativity Explored, Paul, Eric and Pilar.

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

Not really any.  No one compares.

Charcoal Forms by Vincent Jackson

How do you know when a work is finished?

I start with a sketch. The painting is done when I add color – I add color as the final touch.

What does your art aim to say?

There is beauty and self worth [in my work].

How does it feel to have your art on products and shared with a large audience?


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