How Do You Use VIDA x Studio? // Susan C. Price

In a series of short interviews with our artists, we get a glimpse of their art and how they engage with VIDA x Studio in their everyday journeys and career.

Susan is an emerging artist from Santa Monica, CA. and a VIDA artist since 2016. Her art transforms colors and shapes into captivating abstract paintings. Influenced by Picasso, Vlaminck and Mary Cassatt, Susan’s creations focus on aging beauty, odd shapes and her family.

Happy Chair by Susan C. Price

How do you use VIDA x Studio? 

At first, I was seeking a print all over manufacturer/fulfillment entity for silk scarves, with my colorful abstract art on them. VIDA had brilliant color and a commitment to the actual people that make their fashion. I discovered that the modal scarves make a great deal of sense. The “feel” of the fabric is excellent, soft against sensitive neck skin. The long rectangular shape lends itself to the way most folks use scarves: as a flexible, neck-warming, colorful accent. I know I don’t just want to “place” a square scarf and pin it with a brooch (ok, that’s a great vintage look, but not me). I wind it, unwind it, knot it, tuck it. I want flexibility. Now, I love many of the added products. The color is as brilliant on the product as my own. They are helpful and timely in production and fulfillment. When I don’t know my pixels from my dpi, they help me. I have created a curated website ( for my colorful fashion and home décor items, VIDA is a big part of that. Some people say you need to offer a zillion products. I disagree. I have utilized VIDA’s fabulous sales to buy bunches of scarves and a few of the leather and linen (very well-appointed) tote bags to sell at women’s events. They sell out each time.

Wiggly One by Susan C. Price

How does VIDA impact your work as an artist, designer and business person?

VIDA and their designers inspire and encourage me to keep at it. I never intended (and still resist) becoming a manufacturer, storage and/or fulfillment house. Their integrated services mean I don’t have to do those tasks. I need to spend the majority of my energy and time on creating the original paintings that fuel my designs.

Medici Gardens V by Susan C. Price

How do you think VIDA x Studio is different from other choices out there? 

Speed, accuracy and focus. They don’t add items randomly. Each product seems thought out and carefully planned.

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