How Do You Use VIDA x Studio? // Maggie Broda

In a series of short interviews with our artists, we get a glimpse of their art and how they engage with VIDA x Studio in their everyday journeys and career.

Maggie is a painter from Ontario, Canada and a VIDA artist since 2016. Her work is marked by abstract and figurative expressions, with bold impasto style and color to capture the beauty of environment and urban cityscapes. She is a member of The Muskoka Arts and Craft Group, Women’s Art Association of Canada, Women’s Art Association of Hamilton, where her work appears regularly in member’s shows. She continues to be actively involved with Ontario College of Art in Drawing and Painting as Alumni President, and Board of Governors. In Toronto, she is represented by The Elaine Fleck Gallery.

Sunrise by Maggie Broda

How do you use VIDA x Studio?

“Preparing my art for use on VIDA products has become something of an addictive process for me. Each of my paintings is infused with a personal story. VIDA provides me with an opportunity to extend these stories and thereby has assumed the role that I’ve dubbed  “ life after canvas.” An example of this is one of the first pieces I transferred to a VIDA Statement Bag, my painting “Simmer City.” It is a red hot cityscape design that was rendered on a scorching summer night during the popular Toronto Jazz Festival, city of my home base in Canada. I think of it as a perfect bag to set off a pair of light cutoff jeans and sandals, and a loose sleeveless top or tee. I use my art to start a conversation, to tell my stories. It is simple and fun.”

Simmer City by Maggie Broda

How does VIDA impact your work as an artist, designer and business person ?

“VIDA helps educate and provide economic support in countries where women often face incredible obstacles. This has helped me explore an additional link to my art practice in my local community. Shared and equitable opportunities are still works in progress in my home of Toronto, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. One hundred percent of profits I earn from my design sales are donated to New Mom Project. The founder and director of this charity is my daughter, Gwen Broda and we believe in sharing prosperity.  As a registered grassroots charity, New Mom’s Project serves families either expecting or with infants who have socio-economic barriers living in Toronto. Women are supported internationally by VIDA, but one doesn’t have to look too far to see women in need in our own communities.”

My paintings are both suggestive and expressive. When I feel the ​emotion and can sense poetry on my canvas I know it is complete.

And Lastly, how do you think VIDA x Studio is different from other choices out there?

“I decided to team up with VIDA after a bit of research into online art marketing, social media promoting and alternative ways to integrate art into daily life. The initial flashpoint that resonated with me was the opportunity to use my passion for art to do more than “Give Back,” it seemed that with VIDA’s philosophy and infrastructure my art could become part of a plan to connect a few dots and build some pathways. There are at least three areas that have been significant forces in my life: education , environmental ethics and human rights. Three things that contribute to a shared prosperity. Shared prosperity has been a cornerstone in the way I’ve raised my family, targeting this with my art was a natural direction. VIDA was an easy choice when compared to other markets with profit-only visions. Whoever doubts the power of something small has never spent a night in a tent with a mosquito, as the old Girl Guide saying goes. That is the mindset I have when I create my VIDA designs. I tell everyone interested in my line how cool they will feel knowing they are sporting a potentially one-off clutch purse at a gala event, but then imagine if you spotted someone else with the same and you instantly recognized a soulmate who makes purposeful fashion statements too! The environmental impact of the over packed textile industry is also addressed with the VIDA clothing by creating single orders instead of mass producing. There are many upsides to VIDA’s game plan and I am pleased to be an associate.”

Cosmic by Maggie Broda

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