How Do You Use VIDA x Studio? // Lilli-Anne Price

In a series of short interviews with VIDA artists, we get a glimpse of their art and how they engage with VIDA x Studio in their everyday life and career.

Lilli-Anne is an award-winning Plein Air Painter from Carmel, California and a VIDA artist since 2016. Her work is impressionistic, bordering on abstraction and captures the energy and beauty of the hilly landscape where she lives.

Farm Style by Lilli-Anne Price

How do you use VIDA x Studio?

“I like to use VIDA Studio to have fun rearranging my artworks from realism to abstraction and for adding diversity to the self-employed businessperson that I am. It is also quite helpful in opening up the art process as a whole… never a dull moment.”

La Boheme by Lilli-Anne Price

How does VIDA impact your work as an artist, and a gallery owner?

“I use VIDA to add inventory to my gallery in Carmel, California. If you can’t afford a painting or you are traveling, then you can purchase a scarf that represents my artwork. Personally, I love to wear my VIDA leggings and tops to the gallery and receptions. They are easy conversation starters! I’ve learnt that carrying VIDA business cards that include my URL is most helpful. VIDA has brought my wardrobe back from the doldrums to the expressive dresser that I aspire to be.”

“I use VIDA to add to my inventory in my art gallery. If you can’t afford a painting then you can afford a scarf.”

And lastly, how do you think VIDA x Studio is different from other brands?

“VIDA makes it easy for an artist to create online with their unique and user-friendly website.”

“Wearing my VIDA cocoon wrap Diane’s Bouquet in #Carweek last year”

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