How Do You Use VIDA x Studio? // Gayle Rappaport-Weiland

In this series of short interviews with VIDA artists, we get a glimpse of their art and how they engage with VIDA x Studio in their everyday journeys and careers.

Gayle is a watercolor, acrylic and mixed media artist from Pismo Beach. CA and a VIDA artist since 2015. Breaking the rules with unique and unconventional techniques, Gayle creates impressionistic works and teaches art to share her knowledge and passion for the limitless world of art with others.

Universal Soul by Gayle Rappaport

1) How do you use VIDA x Studio?

“I use VIDA x Studio as one of the many streams of income available to a full time professional artist. VIDA helps me share my passion in ways I had considered but the expense was not a viable choice. I love that I have the option of creating with a company that I have respect for their philosophies from the CEO to the creators. Relationships are what’s most important and VIDA gives my collectors new ways to support my art journey. “

Unforgettable Poppies

2) We’re Glad to Hear That! How does VIDA impact your work as an artist, designer, business person, teacher, seller to boutiques, store owner, stylist, photographer, etc. (as applicable to you).

“I am grateful for VIDA and the day I met the CEO, Umaimah Mendhro and interviewed  her for my Art Revealed Show. I have loved the experience from day 1 and like everything I do, I have given this opportunity 100 percent of my go-for-it spirit. “Get the job done” and “you can do anything you put your mind to” are two of my mottos. One of the highlights of collaborating with VIDA was having my scarves on HSN with Colleen Lopez. Ok I was uncontrollably excited; I believe my screams were heard across the globe.  I am here to tell you dreams do come true but taking action is a must. I would like to share an artsy tip: be a team player. In order to help sell my scarves I had to help get the word out as part of the team. My action steps included sharing the info about HSN on all my social media outlets. I put it on my webpage, told everyone I knew, did press releases and that just scratches the surface. VIDA impacts my art in a collision of passion and creativity all in one. I get to create in a way I never felt possible. It takes a village.”

“With VIDA I get to create in a way I never felt possible.”

3) How do you think VIDA x STUDIO is different from other choices out there?

“Honestly once I find something that works for me I am very loyal and do not search further. As a company, VIDA is vibrant and open to change and suggestions. This is a venue I feel is worth giving my precious time to. I do and have worked with other companies. As an artist and not a techie person, I appreciate the help available when creating and the ease of the online process. If I can do it so can you.”

A Song In My Heart

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