Meet Our Artists

The VIDA community is overflowing with artists and designers of abundant talent and creativity. While we offer quality products featuring bold and original artwork, we are strongly motivated by the stories of our artists and their individual pieces. This week VIDA will celebrate the stories, adventures and inspirations shared by Rosalie Avin, Heather Hakola and Connie Sanders.

Rosalie Avins

Rosalie Avin enjoys designing pieces of vivid colors and eclectic textures in her basement. When she is not visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris, France or disparate National Parks in the USA, Avin spends time creating art often inspired by floral prints. Her works have been exhibited at the Freehold Gallery, Long Beach Island, and Brookdale Community College.

Visit Rosalie’s collection here.

H. Hakola

Heather Hakola is a mineral and fossil collector whose incentive comes from nature and her imagination. As an artist in awe of beauty and natural wonders, Hakola strives to bring new visions and designs that capture the freedom of her spirit to life. Her works have been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

Visit Heather’s collectionhere.

Connie Sanders

Connie Sanders is a professional photographer who specializes in real estate, fine art, people and pet portraits. She enjoys working with abstract art in photography and is encouraged by her friends. Her works have been exhibited at venues in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Imaging USA, as part of the International Photographic Competition.

Visit Connie’s collection here.

Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to create an art piece?

Rosalie Avin: I painted a picture I later named “Insomnia.” As you can tell from the name, I only worked on the piece on nights that I could not sleep. While I had no intention of unveiling a deeper phenomenon that all individuals can relate to, its completion resulted in it capturing and giving a bold statement on the frustration one feels when the mind fails to shut down

Heather Hakola: My interest in metaphysical and spiritual awareness has a tendency of taking me on amazing adventures. However, the most memorable was when I climbed to a special place atop the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona

Connie Sanders: With photography, anything can happen at any moment. And I have done many things for the sake of capturing the perfect shot. I’ve woken up at the crack of dawn in freezing weather to photograph a sunrise and hung off the back of a train to photograph scenery in Alaska

Q: When do you feel most inspired?

Rosalie Avin: When I think about my grandchildren, I immediately find inspiration. It becomes easy to make art, as everything I do is for their benefit.  They empower me.

Heather Hakola: The beauty of nature and my family truly inspires me. When I work I like to be surrounded by mineral and fossil specimens and to experience the “magic hour.” That moment that clouds and sunlight play across red rock vistas, during dusk and dawn.

Connie Sanders: I am always inspired by new ideas from other artists. I learn something new every day and most times this is what leads to my creations.

Q: Lastly, what advice would you give to a new artist?

Rosalie Avin: Love what you do and do not worry about success or notoriety, these are things that will come with time.

Heather Hakola: Catch the waves of creativity as they arise and make pieces you love!

Connie Sanders: Follow your heart, stay true to who you are and compete only with yourself.