Travel Meets Fashion // Tehran

As the second largest metropolitan area in the Middle East and the capital of Iran, Tehran is home to one of the world’s richest culture and art. From sophisticated miniature paintings to monumental minarets, Iranian art has a distinct individuality that has been a primary source of inspiration for millennial Persian artists and stylists alike. Rebellious, trendy and unique, Tehran’s fashion scene has become the intersection of the traditional and the modern and a platform for the outspoken millennial artists.

Golestan Palace, Tehran – The royal residence for the Qajar dynasty during 19th Century

” Iran … is one of the great fonts of world culture ” – Stephen Kinzer

Image courtesy of @girlsstylebook

Defying the media-driven stereotypes, Tehrani women in recent years have transformed their outfits (hijabs and scarves specifically) into fashion statements portraying the beauty of their homeland’s culture and history. Characteristic to their styles are patterns from Persian architecture of the 15th through 17th century, marked by elaborate geometric shapes and colorful tiles.

In a mixture of bold mosaic blues with earthy hues of browns and reds in ornate paisley patterns , the Persian fashion creates a marked feeling of aesthetic authenticity that mingles the traditional art and history of Iran with its urban lifestyle and fashion.

Persian Dt by Dodi Tabbaa  

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Persian Dream by  Rrozbih22