Artist Perspective: What Does VIDA Mean to You?

Artist Belina Wright painting in her studio

Imagine, for a moment, waking up every day excited about going to work. Imagine spending every day doing something you love. Imagine spending every day helping other people spend their day doing what they love. Add in ethical, social, and environmental commitments that make your heart soar and world’s ecosystems a little happier. Welcome to VIDA.

Here at VIDA we feel blessed each and every day to be doing what we do. We are committed to showcasing the incredible work of our international community of artists and designers, to only providing the best quality products to our wonderful customers, and to giving back in every way we can.

But sometimes even we get a little down, and nothing picks us up more than hearing from our talented community of artists and designers. It is through the support of artists like Lauren Rader, Sandi Nelson,  Maxine Billings, and Angie Cornelius that VIDA’s voice and collections remain authentic, inclusive, refined, and visually stimulating. Read on to hear what VIDA means to these artists.

Lauren Rader

Lauren Rader, artist and educator

“I love working with VIDA. It’s fun to see my paintings on scarves and dresses. My friends and relatives love their clothing with my artwork on it. It’s just a blast. I’ve been really happy with the fabrics – lush and soft. But more than anything I love that my working with VIDA helps their workers become literate for life. I think the more literate people there are in our world, the better off we’ll all be. Education is priceless. Thanks VIDA, for all you do!” – Lauren, Painter.

Visit Lauren’s collection here.

Sandi Nelsen

Sandi Nelsen, mosaic artist

“You have created an opportunity for artists to have control over their artwork and their financial security. You have provided many people around the world with the ability to better themselves. You have put together a caring and talented group of supportive people and without all of you, I wouldn’t have this business and I am truly grateful.” – Sandi, Mosaic Artist

Visit Sandi’s collection here.

Maxine Billings

Maxine Billings, photographer

“I am extremely proud to be a VIDA designer! I like that our products are original & purchasing them contributes to international literacy programs for our makers. VIDA products are made from high-quality materials. We help to conserve the textile industry.” – Maxine, Photographer.

Visit Maxine’s collection here.

Angie Cornelius

“I love being a part of VIDA – thank you. Everyone who has purchased my items are so impressed by the quality of the workmanship – keep up the great work!” – Angie, Illustrator

Visit Angie’s collection here.

The voices of the VIDA community encourage our team and inspire us to strive for greatness. It is for our artists, customers, and makers that VIDA staff do what we do. We are empowered by the strength and passion of the marketplace and community we form together.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what VIDA means to you in the comments below.