Paris Fashion Week A/W 2019-20 Highlights + Trends

Bright lights shine down the runway and meet with soft whispers coming from the crowd ahead. Cameras flicker quickly matching the rhythm of heeled soles. Welcome to  Paris Fashion Week, an escape to the cheer, glory, and celebration of iconic trends dating back to the Battle of Versailles Fashion Show of 1973. A staple event honoring diversity and inclusivity, while acknowledging the importance of fashion in social and political freedom of expression.  

Image Courtesy: Angela Weiss

Essentially Fashion Week allows for prominent and up-and-coming designers to present their luxurious artwork on a global scale. Like most forms of art, pieces flaunted during fashion week have found inspiration from historical events, literature, photography, and real life.

1. Valentino: the ‘Essence of Love’

This season, Valentino’s Piccioli collaborated with Greta Bellamacina, Yrsa-Daley Ward, Mustafa The Poet, and Robert Montgomery, four illustrious contemporary poets, to capture the essence of love in his designs. The collection displayed stanzas detailing the emotion, the process of healing, and the unruly condition of love written by the poets, and carefully printed onto accessories and embroidered onto the rich garments. The beautiful collection emphasizes the importance and strength of art, especially as it works to express the notion of freedom.

Collection On Love Designed by Valentinos’ Peirpaolo Piccioli. Model: Maike Inga

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2. Givenchy: A Botanical Splendor

Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy presented an astonishing collection of snakeskin, floral patterns, and leather, finding inspiration in the Garden of Eden. The Givenchy designer employed vibrant hues of greens, blues, pinks, and yellow, to name a few, to truly capture the free and wild beauty found in nature onto fabric. With sharp, fine tailoring and details well printed onto each garment, Keller offers on-lookers her perspective on this esteemed scenery. The collection serves smoothly sculpted silhouettes, bouncing and textured materials of chic multiplicities, and imagination. Givenchy retells a well-known tale with an interpretation true to fashion and design.

Image courtesy: WWD

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3. Avant Garde: Rick Owens, Manish Arora

Original pieces from designers Rick Owens and Manish Arora, featured contrasting and deconstructed concepts of art, emphasizing the importance of risk-taking and innovation in fashion. Each beautiful and eccentric garment is infused with disparate materials and geometric shapes – taking inspiration from political, environmental, and social adversities, and exploring the obscurity that lies in the future. Through these Avante Garde collections, the unexpected makes its appearance and serves as a reminder that fashion should constantly challenge artists to boldly express themselves without considering failure.   

4.  Body Diversity & Grace Jones

The idea of freedom goes hand-in-hand with that of inclusivity. While several designers and their products have been involved in high-profile controversies recently, collaborations such as Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya (Tommy x Zendaya), help shatter discrimination and prejudice within the fashion industry.

Legendary Model, Grace Jones, featured on runway show for the Tommy x Zendaya collection

Taking inspiration from the Battle of Versailles Fashion Show, actress Zendaya emphasized the significance of solely casting models of color and of all ages and body shapes – bodies that have gone unnoticed and unseen for years in the fashion industry.

Tommy x Zendaya collection featuring models of color in all shapes and sizes

It was during this runway, that the legendary Grace Jones captured the gaze of viewers yet again, showcasing the powerful blend of fashion and its model. Zendaya hopes to motivate the fashion industry to be more accepting and diverse, due to its greatly visible influence on society.

Model: Halima Aiden, walking for Tommy x Zendaya

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