Travel Meets Fashion // New York City

The NYC infrastructure pulses with the energy of independent artists. Its alleys are muraled by their stories. Its galleries are filled with their passion, deviation, and culture. The city’s trends are born in the streets and transcend to the runway. New York: the epicenter of art and fashion; where artists seek solace to create.

“New York is not a city, it is a world” – Iman

The social and cultural fabric of this metropolitan asylum are woven by the artists who call New York home. A designer’s muse, New York provides the foundation for groundbreaking work. It’s a place where talent and design can be quickly honed and nurtured.

Times Square New York by  Roelofrossouw  from Robertson, South Africa
Times Square New York by Roelofrossouw  

The frenetic Times Square is the inspiration for this abstract accent pillow. The hastily applied dollops of paint mimic the movement of a city bursting with new energy. It is where art flourishes and where neighborhood trends become global phenomenons.

New York Bus Stop by Satoru Ishikawa  from Las Vegas / NYC, US
New York Bus Stop by Satoru Ishikawa  

Bus stops, street signs, subway maps all become canvases in the city. For the fashionable, culturally conscious, and mindful artist, there is inspiration to be found on every corner.

Grand Central Watch by Judith Carlson-deangelo  
Grand Central Watch by Judith Carlson-deangelo  

Discover artistic interpretations of famous New York elements and locations from this top depicting Grand Central station to pieces inspired by the Statue of Liberty and the famous NYC skyline. To discover more – shop VIDA.

By Leah Heyman