VIDA x de Young – Contemporary Muslim Fashions

Halima Aden wearing Naima Muhammad for House of Coqueta (Photograph by Sebastian Kim, courtesy of FAMSF)

VIDA is delighted to announce our first partnership with the de Young Museum. Known for its innovative exhibitions and jaw-dropping collections, the de Young recently concluded one of its most popular exhibits – Contemporary Muslim Fashions, inspired by a powerful volume by FAMSF Publications. The exhibit brings to light the dynamic present-day Muslim modest fashion sector and the incredible range it represents. This groundbreaking volume is filled with dazzling art and fashion photography as well as essays and personal narratives by leading voices that touch on topics from the history of head covering to the influence of social media. The de Young exhibit was open to the public until early Jan 2019. The collection features VIDA artists from around the world and showcases custom-made pieces of wearable art, each with a unique story–from the inspiration behind its design to the personal, poignant stories of the artists.

“The transnational reach of modest Muslim fashion is astounding,” says consulting curator Reina Lewis, Professor of Cultural Studies at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. “In Muslim-majority countries and diaspora minority contexts, Muslim modest fashionistas draw on a mood board of global Muslim fashion inspiration from past and present to create new forms of fusion fashion that travel the world through social media and community and family connections.”

“Contemporary Muslim Fashions.” DeYoung, 7 Sept. 2018,

About the Artists

VIDA’s five featured artists come from Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, and Pakistan. Their work represents and celebrates their culture and heritage.


Pink Modern Tee | Made in Pakistan
by Joanna Mauchline from $65

Inspired by the Cubist movement and motivated by the natural world, Joanna Mauchline creates pieces that are fed by her own abstract curiosity. Find her products featured in the collection at the museum store or see her work here. Whether it be a fiery red geometric scarf, a modern tee with watercolor strokes, or a scarf inspired by a peaceful night sky, Joanna’s romantic perspective makes for beautifully crafted products.


Muhammad forges a bold fusion of Islamic geometric patterns, abstract lines, and vibrant palettes. See more of his work here. For the collaboration, he’s produced an array of stunning Cashmere Modal scarves in red, purple.

Cashmere Modal Sarf | Made in India
by Tajdar Muhammad from $75


Tree Sleeveless Top | Made in Pakistan
by Raouf Alattar from $75

Alattar’s pieces are primarily motivated by the elements. Similar to Joanna, a few of his pieces are wholly enthused by nature. His holistic representation is palpable in the design of this modal scarf, and this sleeveless top. View his entire collection here.SOUAD HADDAD | Lebanon


Printed Top | Made in Pakistan
by Syed Umar Nawaz from $85

Printed Top – de Young Museum, SF

As a Creative Photographer, Multimedia Artist & Designer, Nawaz has been working in the industry for over 3 years. His services include, but are not limited to: Short films including promotional media, photography & illustration. His passion for capturing light through different lenses is exemplified in this product featured in the de Young Museum store. See more of his work as a VIDA artist here.

To shop the collection, visit either the museum store or the VIDA website.

By Leah Heyman