Travel Meets Fashion // London

We love to express ourselves through our wardrobe, accessories and home decor. We also enjoy products that are inspired by our favorite destinations. And the first stop on our “Travel Meets Fashion” journey is the one and only: London.

The British Capital is famous for more than a few tourist attractions – the distinct red double decker bus, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Underground!

“There’s nowhere else like London.

Nothing at all, anywhere.” – Vivienne Westwood

London is a fashion metropolis filled with everything from luxury fashion in Mayfair and Bond Street to cool and independent boutiques in Shoreditch and Camden.

But it isn’t just fashion which excels in London. The city boasts some of the world’s top restaurants, entertainment venues, and museums, with a little bit of history round each and every corner. London is magical. It’s no wonder it has inspired some of our favorite pieces from the City of London collection:

London by Kateryna Bortsova  

The bold brush strokes of an evening in London and the distinct red double decker bus is a modern statement to be made on any wall. This vivid gallery-wrapped Canvas  is sure to make an impression on viewers and complement stand out for all the right reasons, and make a great addition to any home. 

London! by David Bushell 

If you’re looking to have a British-inspired look, we recommend the London Sleeveless Top by Dave Bushell for a simple and stylish look.  The rounded asymmetric hem creates a comfortable and elegant finish to your outfit. Dave lives in London, England and finds inspiration in architecture, nature, Cubism and The Situationists.

In London Tonight by Dgbarr57  

This Statement Clutch features a landscape print of a bright day by the Thames river. The London Eye is hard to miss and the various hues of blue and red will make any accessory pop. The detachable wristlet and zip closure gives it great function and a classic look – perfect to pair with your everyday grab-and-go bag. 

London by Carlzoolunen 

Taxis aren’t exclusive to London, but those signature big black cabs certainly are! As much as we love Uber, we know that London wouldn’t be the same without them. There’s nothing like showing our love and appreciation for London’s favorite mode of transport than wearing it on a fun Tote Bag.

London by Hussein Kefel 

If you like statement decor pieces, then this Hussein Kefel Accent Pillow design incorporates British elements of the signature red telephone box, the Big ben and a snippet of the British flag. The bold colors and British iconography are certain to accent any traveler’s interior decor.

London Modern Tee by Donia In Art 

There’s never a dull moment in London – and we love how this Modern Tee pays homage to that. We love this daring geometric Tee, easily dressed up with a sleek pencil skirt and some knee-highs. We’ll dig it out on dress-down days too, and wear it with a faux fur gilet and sneakers. 

Modern London by Stefania Bochicchio 

The London Eye – a landmark recognized around the world no matter the time of day. This Sleeveless Top was designed by local artist Stefania Bochicchio and makes for a great transition piece, taking you from a casual day to a night on the town. 

London Bridge by Ksavera 

The artfully designed Tote Bag captures the stand out from a distance with this unmistakable London bag. Even the most uncultured of fashion fans will know which city has your heart with this Tote Bag designed by Ksavera from Germany.