VIDA Unveils The Art of Light

VIDA recently collaborated with 7 world-renowned photographers – including’s Trey Ratcliff and landscape celebrity photographer Karen Hutton – for our Spring 2015 Collection: The Art of Light.  What we ended up with – nearly 60 pieces of gorgeous tops and scarves incorporating our favorite photographs – absolutely blew us away.  Check out some photos and an exclusive behind-the-scenes short video from our photo shoot!  The Art of Light Collection is released today on


A VIDA modal scarf called Chicago Night, featuring a photograph originally taken by our friend Trey Ratcliff, of the Chicago skyline as viewed from a helicopter.


A silk sleeveless top, called Steps, showcasing the inimitable Karen Hutton’s remarkable photo of a staircase in San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center.

And, speaking of Karen Hutton, as promised, here’s a fun (and phenomenal!) behind-the-scenes peek at our photo shoot and interview with Karen and our CEO & cofounder, Umaimah Mendhro, for the disabled community at Virtual Photo Walks. With the help of our friend and VPW founder, John Butterill, we were able to share this footage real-time with the lovely folks at VPW who otherwise would not have been able to experience it.  Thanks John!  Kudos also to our talented friend and photographer, Damien Miller, for shooting the collection at Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco.  Amazing day!!
And now…. back to our collection….


Celebrity fashion photographer and long-time friend Todd Anthony Tyler designed several pieces with us in between his stints as judge of Asia’s Next Top Model, including this piece called Whisper, taken from a fashion photo shoot in China.


Award-winning blogger and writer Karen Walrond designed this modal scarf, called Water, to bring back her roots as an island girl.


Build Reflect, a VIDA silk sleeveless top, was designed by Instagram legend Dan Rubin to reveal the beauty in modern-day urban architecture.


Skies Between – a silk sleeveless top based on a photo by popular Instagram photographer Angeliki Jackson – showcases the view of the sky between two NYC skyscrapers.


Ike Edeani, the well-known Nigerian-born and Brooklyn-based photographer, designed Floating Timber, which incorporates his unique creative talents.