VIDA Jewelry


VIDA is excited to announce that we will be combining art with fine jewelry. Using work from a variety of artists including world-renowned photographers, sculptors, painters, and illustrators, We have created a dynamic and varied collection of vibrant yet elegant jewelry.

We are combining the best of artisan craftsmanship from India and the latest in production technology capabilities to create our new line. Each piece has a unique story – from the inspiration behind its design to the country/culture, it represents to the personal stories of VIDA’s artists.


Our mission is to empower artists by creating a new medium for artistic expression by using our New York City-based jeweler to transform art into a wearable accessory. Each piece started off as a basic sketch based on the original artwork. From there, VIDA’s jeweler collaborated with the artists to twist, bend, and color a variety of materials to accurately depict the spirit of each artwork. The jewelry rendering process is really where the art comes to life.

Due to the need to reflect a wide range of colors and shapes to accurately reflect the original art, VIDA used a combination of wood, stones, synthetic materials,14K gold, and metals to create each piece.


Each piece is distinguishable from the others in the set because of how accurately it reflects the original work. Each artist has their own unique style and aesthetics that transfers seamlessly onto the jewelry itself.


Jenny Balisle, VIDA Artist, on turning her art into jewelry said “Investigating various disciplines, my art practice incorporates drawings, acrylic installations, paintings, video and audio recordings.  The work researches dichotomous relationships such as the simple and complex, beautiful and grotesque, micro and macro perspectives, and natural and manmade environments.  Using a thesis like approach, the goal is to discover connections and patterns through art. Jewelry provides the opportunity for art to be close and part of an individual’s daily experience.”


VIDA is truly excited to announce the beautiful, one of a kind, premium quality jewelry line in partnership with our artists.